Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Backlinks and its importance

Backlinks consider a scale to Google  to estimate your site, the more external links increased to your site, the more popular your site in Google's eyes, and the more developed Buck Link to your site in a stronger position you will raise your ranking is a wonderful vote of the popularity of your site.

Types of Backlinks

Link backlinks are two types:

Backlinks Type called" Followed" are links allow search spiders move to your site, which increases the strength and the strength of your archiving your posts in search engines. You can learn more about backlinks by doing seo from knowing digital marketing course content.

     The second type is called "No followed "a named conclude that prevents spiders from accessing your site, but it is also important in your archiving and strength in the search engines Logan had disagreed on this are many, but I think it is also very beneficial for your site.

Some helpful advices

Try to is building internal links within your site ie in the blog Put Link Other noted a special or a special section of your site visitors benefit in the post you are the subject you are writing.
Comment on blogs, forums and put a link to your blog is very important to spread your blog and bring visitors and win the confidence of all the search engines what your site link on a site that has the same direction as your posts higher the strength of this link and it increases the power of your site in search engines.
Try to strengthen your site through advertising exchanges with other blogs.
Social networking Mark has a large share of your links such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus pages it has already given to your strength and come to you visitors do not skimp part of your time to publish your site and your posts to communicate pages.

Do not try to put links to your site at random and barbaric and not try to abound of these links in one day he tried to make every day a share of 5 to 10 different links so that the search engine is not a spam and will block your site from the search results altogether.

Also do not forget to add your site to different search engines .